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Who We Serve
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Individuals who are unable to work, due to injury or illness need support and guidance. Emotional support resources can help to bridge the gaps that exist in the current care delivery systems. Kind Souls meet the individual where they are, at any point in their journey.

There are few programs available to support family members and caregivers who are navigating care for a loved one.

Kind Souls provides a helping hand for people, as they care for an individual who has experienced a work-displacing injury or illness.


Employers care about their employees' emotional well-being. In the event that an employee experiences a work-displacing injury or illness, Kind Souls is a resource that serves as a supplement to existing benefit programs.

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"At Kind Souls we provide a warm line service which was created to fill a gap in the workers compensation/disability claims ecosystem for families across the country. Within the current system, we know injured workers often feel lost and discouraged, due to a lack of support, mental health and/or other emotional burdens after an injury or illness has impacted their lives.


Kind Souls are here to uplift employees and their family members by providing emotional support and connection to essential local resources to help them overcome common barriers and as assist sit them with navigating a complex claims system. We meet our callers where they are in their recovery process and empower them to achieve a positive approach to the claims and recovery process and assist them to adjust to what may become their new normal. 

Taken From Founder Story - Teresa Colian

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