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Whether volunteering, partnering, or raising awareness, the individuals and companies that support Kind Souls help us are compassionate and dedicated to making a positive impact for families across the country. Our supporters believe in the power of kindness and strive to create a world where everyone's needs are met, regardless of their circumstances. These generous individuals contribute their time, resources, and skills to support the foundation's initiatives to provide emotional support and tangible resources to employees and their family members. The supporters of Kind Souls Foundation embody the belief that kindness has the potential to transform lives and inspire change on a global scale.


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Meet Danielle - Managing Director

B.A. Psychology, M.A. Candidate

Danielle Troxel joins Kind Souls Foundation with 13 years of experience in the workers’ compensation and disability arena bringing her distinctive knowledge in psychology elevating our operations at Kind Souls Foundation. Over the last year, Danielle has begun her journey in pursuit of a master’s degree in psychology and plans to pursue a PhD in clinical neuropsychology. Her knowledge of mental health began as a volunteer working with her local youth crisis line. Danielle’s career has mainly been involved in various roles within the industries and she now joins Kind Souls Foundation at the perfect time intersecting her passion for mental health and industry involvement.


As Managing Director of Kind Souls Foundation, Danielle’s ambitious conviction to dedicate herself to helping people will fuel her success which will continue to feed the fire for Kind Souls Foundation. Danielle will make a difference by assisting individuals through the efforts of the Foundation in providing emotional and tangible resources to those experiencing a work displacing event.

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