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Shawn Deane

“I’m honored to be an Ambassador for the Kind Souls Foundation to promote and support its vision and mission. I can think of no other worthy endeavor than to help those in their greatest time of need – such as when someone experiences a work-related injury or illness.  Kind Souls fills a void for employers, injured employees, and their family members, by providing much needed emotional support to those who’ve experienced a work displacing healthcare event.”


Dr. Claire Muselman

"My life purpose is to make good things happen for people - seeing, acknowledging, and valuing the journey. As someone who has been on the side of the injured worker, the employer, the insurance company, the adjuster, and the third-party administrator, I have a breadth of knowledge in understanding the literacies of this human experience. I am passionate about helping people in their time of need and giving them a space where their voices can be heard and they can feel valued." 

Dr. Ron C. Heredia

 Dr. Heredia has 23 years experience (currently Director of Good Mood Legal) working in mental health evaluation, consultation and treatment practices in the areas of workers' compensation and personal injury. In his spare time, he serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of Inland Empire Future Leaders Program, an educational non-profit organization devoted to leadership and the educational success for high school students in San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles counties. A mentor once shared with me, "Through volunteerism communities are changed." I am delighted to volunteer as an ambassador for the Kind Souls Foundation where compassion and emotional support/resources will improve lives connected with workers' comp communities.

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Bobbi Website Pic.png

Bobbi Bernadino

"I am beyond grateful and extremely honored to become an ambassador for Kind Souls Foundation. I have been in the Workers’ compensation industry for 25 years and fully believe in Kind Soul’s mission, and I am excited to support such a meaningful organization. Kind Souls Foundation will play a vital role in helping injured workers and their families to have a safe space to access warm line mental health resources, while recovering from a work-displacing healthcare event. Kind Souls is filling an important gap in the claims ecosystem that can potentially be life-changing for both injured workers and their families.”

April Nieves

"I am excited to join Kind Souls Foundation and work alongside people who are providing important access to mental health resources. I've experienced personal tragedy, with the loss of my nephew who suffered with mental health issues. I’m grateful for Kind Souls Foundation and its mission to raise awareness regarding mental well-being, resources and to offer necessary help to others."

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April Love

“Kind Souls Foundation's dedication to supporting injured workers & their families goes far beyond the simple provision of resources. It serves as a powerful symbol of commitment to nurturing a more compassionate & supportive society. By emphasizing the profound impact of kindness on a larger scale, Kind Souls is actively contributing to positive change and advocating for a more empathetic approach in addressing the challenges faced by individuals affected by illness & injuries. Meaningful work is a cornerstone of our existence, offering a sense of purpose & satisfaction. Through KSF, individuals like myself have the opportunity to connect with something larger than themselves. This connection not only boosts personal fulfillment but also fosters stronger community bonds, ultimately leading to a more enriched life experience.”

Randi Kretchman

“As a professional in the workers’ compensation industry since 1986, I have had the opportunity to work with a vast number of injured workers. As this system is very complex and at times overwhelming, I look forward to my role as a Kind Souls Ambassador creating resources focused on serving those in need.”

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