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Owning my own business has always been my vision.  Becoming a business owner has given my vision larger purpose and has led me to leave a legacy, by starting a non-profit foundation, dedicated to the space that I have been a part of my entire career. When I started my business, I never sat down and said, “As a woman, I have to do this.” Rather, it was because I saw opportunities for new solutions for  an industry I worked in for 20 years. I made the decision that I needed to facilitate change, and to bring my voice and vision to the disability/insurance industry.


In 2018, my business partner and I came together to strategize. The name JAG Source came about from pure serendipity. The business my business partner owned and operated was called JAG and those initials happen to be the first letter of each of my children’s names. We knew JAG would be the catalyst for the change in this industry that I, and so many others, have found to be both special and unique.  


To me, being a female business owner is about paving the way for future generations of women, by inspiring them to dream big, while empowering them to pursue their aspirations. I am honored to have both my daughters, Abbey and Gretchen, assisting me with fulfilling my mission and vision for both JAG and Kind Souls Foundation.  


From the beginning, I knew giving back would become a part of the JAG business model. I was not aware that I would be called to start the Foundation just two years after JAG’s launch. After learning that my business partner’s  7-year battle against breast cancer was ending, we had to pivot and reimagine. From this tragedy, I witnessed her family members struggle to navigate affordable and readily available resources for emotional support and guidance. My good friend and business partner was the most courageous, uplifting, and compassionate woman… a true Kind Soul. From this, the idea for Kind Souls Foundation was born.  


At Kind Souls we provide a warm line service which was created to fill a gap in the workers compensation/disability claims ecosystem for families across the country. Within the current system, we know injured workers often feel lost and discouraged, due to a lack of support, mental health and/or other emotional burdens after an injury or illness has impacted their lives.


Kind Souls are here to uplift employees and their family members by providing emotional support and connection to essential local resources to help them overcome common barriers and as assist sit them with navigating a complex claims system. We meet our callers where they are in their recovery process and empower them to achieve a positive approach to the claims and recovery process and assist them to adjust to what may become their new normal. 


Our services allow us the distinct opportunity to achieve our vision of cultivating a central line of support equipped with emotional and tangible resources that illuminates the mental health impact of job displacement. We take a personalized approach with our callers to provide a variety of support and resources tailored to their needs. Many need a non-judgmental, compassionate person to talk to outside of their situation, and others need help navigating local and tangible resources. We believe our callers have the power and knowledge to do what is best for themselves, and we are here to support and encourage individuals when they need it most. 


Ultimately, I am thankful that I live in a time and space where the tides regarding mental health and workplace injuries are shifting. There is still more to do within the industry, and with the belief and support of industry leaders, our ambassadors, mission supporters, and most importantly, our callers, we will continue to forge change in a positive direction.

“Unexpected Kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.” – Bob Kerrey 

-Teresa Colian, CEO JAG Source | Founder Kind Souls Foundation

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