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COMPassion seeks to channel workers’ compensation towards empathy, kindness and compassion, through meaningful conversations with kind souls from the industry and those who have been displaced from work due to an injury or illness

In this inaugural podcast, KSF Ambassadors Shawn Deane and Dr. Claire C. Muselman discuss the values of accountability, emotional strength, and effective leadership in worker's compensation. Dr. Claire imparts valuable insight into how these plus other elements can provide an exponential ripple effect throughout the recovery process affecting companies and injured alike.

November 2023

J29 Solutions’ founder and President Tracy Mills said, “J29 is a company that prioritizes philanthropy and giving back, and we’re honored to support Kind Souls Foundation for the work it’s doing in supporting those who’ve been affected by a work displacing healthcare event. Kind Souls is filling a void in the workers’ compensation industry and we’re proud to support them.”

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June 21, 2023

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Kind Souls Foundation and Price Chopper Market32 Stores. Kind Souls Foundation has been selected as a highly beneficial resource for Price Chopper's employees across their 130 stores in six states. We are confident that this partnership will make a meaningful difference in the lives of Price Chopper employees and aims to empower Price Chopper's team members with additional support and resources. Together, we are committed to fostering a culture of kindness, compassion, and growth within the Price Chopper family.

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May 19, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the exciting partnership between Kind Souls Foundation and Gain Life. Gain Life, renowned for its groundbreaking claims automation software designed by behavioral specialists, Jarvis, will now incorporate Kind Souls as a valuable resource within their innovative platform. This collaboration aims to enhance awareness of Kind Souls' free warm line service to employees in need. With Jarvis's cutting-edge technology, more individuals will have easy access to Kind Souls' compassionate support, ensuring that those in need receive the assistance they deserve. Together, Kind Souls and Gain Life are working towards fostering a world where kindness and empathy thrive. 

"Kind Souls is a natural choice for Gain Life to partner with, given our organizations shared commitment to compassion, empathy and understanding for people that need a helping hand and friendly voice. This partnership dovetails perfectly with our mission to provide cutting edge claims software that humanizes while automizing challenging circumstances. We are so very honored to be a part of this noble cause." Dave Merrill, CEO, Gain Life, Inc.

May 2023

The human resources team at Hoffman Car Wash has partnered with Kind Souls Foundation to bring awareness of Kind Souls' free services to employees at Hoffman's 33 locations across New York State and Vermont. 

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Written by Connect Healthcare Collaboration | Jan 4, 2023 9:21:54 PM

by Blake Fussell

"When an employee experiences an injury or illness that has displaced them from work, physical health and financial concerns can take a toll. But the mental and psychosocial effects on the employee and their family can be just as difficult to push through and can often be overlooked..."


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Starting in the month of December Ametros will begin promoting Kind Souls’ Services to their members. “Experiencing a life-changing injury is never easy, and we believe each of our members and their families should have access to emotional support services. Our partnership with Kind Souls Foundation aims to do just that.” - Melissa Coleman, VP of Marketing for Ametros. We are humbled to be engaging in this partnership as we further illuminate the mental health impact of job displacement through emotional support and access to local resources for families in need.

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